About us

No matter what professional you are, execute Gold Compound Options Leadership to instantly realize your Infinite Profit!

Vision: Consulting globally, for more than 20 years

To be a respected solutions company focused on combining state-of-the-art of Machine Learning, AI algorithms and delivering world-class quality big data solutions.

Mission: Streamlining your business, effectively

Simplifying delivery of complex big data with our innovative services and continuously optimizing our every product to improve customers' experience.

Letter From the CEO

Dear Friends,

I am conducting the plan of team expansion, calling for power from my students, friends, colleagues, and teachers. I am proud of all the accomplishments throughout those 2 years.

I will continue to implement the ideas with QT-GROUP. The target in the year 2019-2020 is to extend the team up to 500 members, and mobilize $100 million for QT-Data. At present, we have two fields mobilizing capital around $1.4 Million with 5 products.

Together, let’s build a team with the same idea, same dream, and create value for ourselves. I have the desire to nurture that dream with my own students, instead of traditional recruitment, which makes our ideas more meaningful.

I believe your ability is infinite and your value must be higher than what you are doing. I believe in my guidance, too. I believe if we do together, we will go far together. My teacher said: “Helping others is helping yourself” and “Discipline is vital for everyone”. Let’s help each other.

As the inspiration of all the team, I believe in our success.
With all the love and kindness, I invite you to accompany with me.